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Good-night Moon, A Global Rebrand:

Global television has joined the ranks of the newly rebranded. The previous logo was a bland and unbalanced swoosh (see left image). Swooshes are so easy to create, and so prevalent, I have to wonder why this problematic design made it past the reviewing process. When Global began to branch out into divisions, the original logo created even more problems. They decided to simply add any secondary identifying text to the end of the name (see old and new examples here), amplifying the unbalanced logo even more.

So, hurrah to the decision to rebrand. However the redesign isn't brilliant, nor complete. Same colours, same fonts, different icon and placement. I have the feeling there was some strict guidelines placed on the designers. They probably also had a number of people at the corporation involved in the approval process. Usually, the more people involved in the approval, the worse the result. But this result is at least an improvement on the earlier version.

Walter Levitt, SVP of marketing for television and radio at CanWest (Global's parent company,) had this to say about the new design:

the creative inspiration for the new logo came from the 'greater than' mathematical symbol, representing the company's goal to provide viewers with "greater insight, greater perspective and greater understanding."

Arrow moving forward, greater than symbol, two sides of a 3-D box, see what you will. It's better then the earlier version, but I say global has effectively boxed themselves in by not giving greater freedom to the designers.