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Like the throws of a drowning man…

Quark has done it yet again. A mere six months after their last rebranding was launched, they have released yet another new logo (designed by SicolaMartin).

The 09/05 logo was met with great trepidation by the design community due to its lack of originality. Now, I’m speculating here, but is this what prompted the redesign?

Every month more designers move over to InDesign, leaving the previously unchallenged QuarkExpress behind. We are attracted to the usability, cost-effectiveness, familiar key commands, an interface that doesn’t look like it predates the internet, and more seemless integration between our other Adobe products. I imagine the 09/05 logo was part of a marketing decision to help gain back (or keep) their clients through the multi-page layout wars.

Now, since the audience it was designed to keep are condemning the logo, a desperate attempt to really speak to their users emerged. Enter six months later, with a gradient mess. It looks like they are really targeting Mac users (the primary platform of the design community) with the buttony layered blob they’ve ended up with. Little do they know that the gradient aesthetic went out with the G4 cube.

Ironically, even if the logo had been the most amazing thing since Tibor Kalman, the program is what I’m interested in. Having recently surfed the forums for a solution to a very simple, very common problem (scroll to bottom), I discovered a myriad number of other basic issues Quark has still failed to address.

Perhaps instead of ugly logos they might try improving their software.

And one last thing, I’d like to see them try to recreate their new logo entirely in QuarkExpress. Now that would be fun to see.

(Thanks to Creative Pro for the topic)