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Ten Reasons to go to the Bahamas

In the spirit of the upcoming warm temperatures forecasted for later this week, I thought I would use the tried and true email forwarding format to present How to Tell if You're a Designer Who Needs a Vacation:

1.You get cranky if you have to access a menu item with your mouse, because you can't remember the key command.

2. You're idea of a great Saturday night is tweaking the font you're working on

3. You find it increasingly difficult to communicate with people who don't know the terms "Majuscule", "Style Sheets" and "Pica", (

4. You're working on a construction-paper craft with your niece. You make a mistake and reach for command-Z

5. You call your wife by your client's name, and your client is a man.

6. You see someone wearing a great shirt on the subway, and you wonder what Pantone colour it is.

7. When taking a group photo of your family, and you realize you are trying to kern them.

8. You find yourself composing an angry email to the producers of Jeopardy because you noticed they use dumb quotes (or hatch marks) rather then proper quotes.

9. The only things you've eaten in the last week have been finger food, so you can keep working.

10. You really have to go to the bathroom, but you just need to finish writing this blog first, then you need to call a printer. You'll go right after ripping that .pdf. Or maybe as soon as you're done those cover concepts...