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Selling Short...

With such an increase in the stock photography market, as seen in this months Applied Arts, The Stock Market, one has to wonder how this trickles down to the design world. Of course images are more accessible and cost effective, but should that always be the bottom line?

The fact is anyone can purchase these images if they are so inclined. The definite decrease in prices, or alternatively all encompassing membership fees, truly lessens the quality of the imagery process. Photographers are forced to shoot stock or starve, and all the while these embarrassingly low prices are very public, so much so that it cheapens photography overall. I for one don’t think these prices should be available for all to see, especially those who employ designers and photographers, thinking that the creative process can be purchased for 1.99 US$. Should we as ethical designers really encourage the extinction of photography, and intern the integrity of design?

This also sets up “the rollover” of costs of imagery and supporting materials, because they can now cost virtually nothing. Soon enough, imagery will literally be cents, and we will be working on spec, it all frightens me.