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Applied Arts - the website

Applied Arts Magazine, one of Canada’s largest design magazines, recently redesigned their website. I will agree that it was due time that Applied Arts step up to the plate and update their online presence, seeing as how the website was quite dark and hardly reflected the aesthetic of the magazine. The redesign was carried through their long time developers/design firm, Graphica Design, located in Montreal. Graphica is, and I quote, “a design studio that combines the best of online management consulting, user-focused design, online brand management, and leading edge technology.” They are a one-stop-shop, providing multimedia, graphic design, web design and web hosting.

The use of white, instead of the old grey tones is definitely an improvement, and much easier on the eyes. The over all gradated background and drop shadows are a step too far in the techy-web 2.0 direction for a magazine that prides itself on and is mainly a premium print magazine. The style is moconduciveive with an online newsletter or multimedia company. This may be intended to extend to the multimedia areas of the design industry, utilizing the medium it employs itself. They may well be in their own right to head down that technological road, but my initial reaction, as a graphic designer, was not a single sound but, a squishing of the face.