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A Spirited Rebrand

Manitoba's spirited new brand
So Manitoba has a brand new look

I have to admit, that I was a bit skeptical when I heard about it. Branding a province or city means dealing with a committee, and nothing kills a good idea like a committee.

Besides that, while I have been to Manitoba, and found some funky places in Winnipeg, I still couldn't get over the idea that it was a rural, out of the way province. Sure there are really creative and cutting edge things going on there, but on a small scale, and never by any administrative or governmental body.

Well, was I proven wrong. Their new logo, something akin to Veers, is funky and more forward thinking than the maligned Toronto identity. While a bit frail, the concept of the ligatures on a chunky sans is a good one. They didn't white-wash it until it looked like every other logo created 10 years ago (10 year old trends are benign while giving committee members the illusion of a fresh and new logo, without actually producing one)

My only complaint is that the images on their website freak me out. The patterns on the peoples clothing extend into empty space. It's a bit like the rose petals on American Beauty, a bit like the stomach bursting scene in Alien.