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Ceci n'est pas une pipe

Much of my day is spent on perspective. How you see something may be different then how the designer sitting across from you sees it, or how the creative director or client see it.

For example, I get a creative brief which says the president of such and such a company wants their brochure to evoke certain ideas. So I sit down and interpret what my creative director will want to see, who in turn is interpreting what the clients marketing person is looking for, who in turn is thinking of what the president of the company wants, who in turn is thinking of what will work with HIS clients. These layers of perspectives and interpretations can be straightforward, or can come out of left field.

So, for my fellow designers, I offer these examples of interpretations and perspectives for your viewing pleasure.

A new approach to etching – Etch a Sketch art at its most impressive

A different kind of graffiti – man creates art from the grime on his windshield

Another way to brand a company – literally