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Website Design & the Pedestrian Scramble

One of Canada's busiest intersections frequented by over 60,000 pedestrians daily has just adopted the pedestrian scramble format.

A recent visit to the intersection this week reminded me of some of the important aspects of website design. The intersection is a "pedestrian destination" driven by the "content" presented on all four corners by shopping facilities, business offices, dining, entertainment, Ryerson University, TTC transit, and the public space of Dundas square. It brings to mind the importance of well designed content & copy in generating relevant traffic to your website. Content is king and too often this important element is overlooked by organizations when developing a website.

The other key element is how design impacts the user experience and engages the visitor. The new pedestrian scramble format provides easy navigation for pedestrians to quickly cross to any corner of the intersection and access the various facilities and "content" featured at Yonge & Dundas. Web design should  also provide logical, clear, and functional ways for site visitors to access, enjoy, and experience your site.

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