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So, Steve Jobs is at it Again Today

I don’t find technology presentations much of a spectators sport… I’m sure someone will fill me in about all the wacky new advances in the iPhone… but frankly, I feel there’s little they can add now to excite me about this phone. I’m thinking of moving to android anyway for my next one.

I’m not surprised at the new phone announcement. You realize they already dropped to #3 in the market?

I’m beginning to lose interest in Apple products. I’ve never been fond of big business and now that Apple is bigger than Microsoft – and more secretive, controlling and authoritative – it totally turns me off. The whole yuppy/hipster image makes me want to find something completely raw, less trendy, and less glossy. Something I can tinker with and customize. Apple is becoming so commercial, packaged, and ordinary.

Not that the product or their success is bad…. I quite enjoy discussing marketplace trends, trying to identify them at early stages… I just don’t like to participate that much in the fervor.